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Optimal Training or Having Fun

Stop worrying about optimizing your training with specific exercises or equipment.

Building a great physique comes from being consistent for a long time. 

So focus, instead, on making your training enjoyable.

If you have fun training you'll look forward to it and you'll stick to it for a long time. Good things will come and all will be marry.

Find what makes you excited to train and DO THAT!

Oh – and keep in mind this: what is fun for you MAY change from time to time. If you do one thing for too long, it may (or may not) grow stale. So find something new that will excite you!

All forms of resistance training will work if you work hard, consistently.

Using myself as an example:

During some periods of my life I really enjoyed barbell training (power lifts and the Olympic lifts) and using low reps.

Other times I've really enjoyed traditional body building type training and lifting in gyms, using various machines and free weights.

Currently, I'm really enjoying kettlebell training paired with calisthenics and some dumbbell & cable exercises to fill in gaps left by the kettlebells and calisthenics.

You could have the most optimal plan with the most scientifically optimal exercises, yet make no gains because you're bored.

Avoid boredom.

Training should be FUN.

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